We create investment strategies that help Argos families achieve their goals.

Focused. Responsive. Bespoke. Decisive.

Welcome to Argos Capital Partners.

We are investment advisors and direct private investment professionals who serve the families of the Argos Family Office.

What we do

We work with families to create customized investment solutions that meet their risk, return and liquidity parameters. We invest in both publicly traded investments and direct private investments.

Public Market Approach

The publicly traded markets are widely followed and very efficient. Both history and academic research, from S&P Global and Nobel Prize winners such as Eugene Fama and William Sharpe, have shown that broad-based index strategies provide the best way to outperform a majority of the actively managed approaches being sold by Wall Street firms and many other advisors in the industry.

We invest in broad-based index strategies with the goal of lowering costs and maximizing after-tax performance for our clients’ portfolios.


  • Outperform a majority of the active managers by providing similar returns of broad-based indices
  • Allocate to various market segments to provide global equity exposure
  • Increase after-tax returns by methodically harvesting losses and minimizing capital gains
  • Reduce costs by using low-cost providers

Core Solutions

  • Low-cost index investing strategies
  • Focus on after-tax returns
  • Financial planning
  • Investment monitoring and reporting

Direct Private Investments

Our partners and deal sponsors span disciplines and industries, allowing us to identify and capitalize on opportunities for our client families.

Typical investment transactions range from $10 million to $35 million, with Argos families representing a plurality of the equity capital stack.


  • Provide returns that exceed public equity returns
  • Create bespoke investment opportunities exclusively for Argos families
  • Lower investment risk by adding non-correlated assets to Argos portfolios
  • Design investments which provide transparency and alignment of interests between sponsors and investors

Core Solutions

  • Leverage collective assets of Argos families
  • Build programmatic relationships across disciplines and industries
  • Direct investing in real estate and operating companies
  • Partner with sponsors to design investment structures

Real Estate

We partner in joint ventures with experienced developers and operators nationwide.

  • Target Investment Amount Per Location: $10-35MM
  • Asset Types: Residential (multifamily, student, senior and build-to-rent), Industrial and Other Select Opportunities
  • Profile: Value-Add, Core-Plus and Development
  • Submarkets: Central Business Districts and Suburban Infill Locations

Operating Companies

We partner with fundless sponsors with strong track records and industry expertise.

  • Target Investment Amount Per Location: $10-25MM
  • Investment Type: Common Equity and Preferred Equity
  • Industries: Agnostic
  • Company Attributes: Compelling Value Proposition, Sustainable Competitive Advantage, Fragmented Industry, Multiple Exit Options, B2B Preference

Argos Capital Partners
direct investments by the numbers

Real estate transactions representing 10k+ units and 8MM+ square feet across multifamily, senior, student, industrial, build-to-rent and
self-storage verticals
Operating company transactions across a variety of industries
Total investments
Realized investments over 15 years

Argos Capital Partners creates value for our families.